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Perspective || Harry Styles

Perspective || Harry Styles

98.6K Reads 4.9K Votes 31 Part Story
Lauren By SmileForNiallx Completed

Cara Romero is your typical hardcore directioner. That's until she decides she's had enough with the boys’ big-headed behavior. However when she declared her hate for the band she never expected to wake up as the one and only Harry Styles, and he sure never expected to wake up as her. Now she and Harry must work together in order to get their own lives back. Through this wild adventure the two learn how to view life from a different point of view as they're forced to see things through an all new perspective.

AshlieMay14 AshlieMay14 Jul 23, 2016
The money yes but the fact she actually made the effort to get rid of everything haha
AshlieMay14 AshlieMay14 Jul 23, 2016
I would find a way to get my money back. Them tickets are expensive
i dont like this girl they obviously cannot always take the time out of their day just for some pictures ik if it were me i would be sad but not mad because i would understand. they have always been appriative of their fans.
harrysgoldenboot harrysgoldenboot Nov 02, 2016
Can I just say, this is the coolest idea for a story I've ever seen!
grazyfangirl grazyfangirl 2 days ago
Is that a real word, I mean I have never ever heard of it but english isn't my mother language so it might be the reason why it sound's so ridicculous😂👌 but you are a great writer and I wasn't trying to be rude so i'll go now before I say anything else that might upset someone😅🙏