Just your average teenager

Just your average teenager

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ALRAK By alrak3 Updated Jul 25, 2016

Here's something you need to know about Alexandra McGreggor, she's not your average teenager. Most girls her age have boyfriends, instead she's learning to defuse a bomb. Most girls in her grade get there nails done in their free time, instead she's leaning how to shoot a gun blind folded.

Alex works for the Secret Service Agency (S.S.A), which is a undercover government organisation. In other words she's a 16 year old girl that fights "bad guys". Despite saving the world on a daily basis she still has to go to school to at least pretend to be normal.

Presenting James Colton. James is also a spy. Alex and James train together, fight together and go to school together. You would think they would be really good friends... Wrong.
You will never meet two people that are so different. They absolutely loath each other, and its dangerous for them to be in the same room.

So what happens when people start disappearing at the agency and all over the world?... This is hardly an accident. 

The two best agents within there age group, James and Alex must go and investigate who is doing this and stop it. They'll have to settle there differnces and work together. 

The weight of the agency and the world is on two highly trained 17 year olds... 

They're just your average teenagers.

James turned around and tooked at Alex. "And what is that supposed to mean McGreggor?"

"James, you're like that stupid little leaf on someone's window shield. No matter how hard it rains or how high you put on the windscreen wiper. You're that leaf that just pisses everyone off." Alex licked her finger and turned the page, giving him a smile.

"Huh, how poetic. You must feel very proud of yourself right now." He said turning around.


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RichieHomes RichieHomes Jan 03
Its kind of boring to read a book with easy mistakes. Please review your work.
American but my spelling is horrible so I have an autocorrect in my head so don’t really care about spelling
ghannam91102 ghannam91102 Mar 25, 2016
Wattpad people😂 lol and jut letting you know I'm already in love with your story if that's possible...😂
TylahKyritsis1 TylahKyritsis1 Nov 27, 2016
Alright mate I'm from Australia too and that is not how we spell "knees"
alyanamars alyanamars Feb 23, 2016
Im really surprised this book hasn't reached million views! I mean this book is sooo cool