Daughter of Beorn: The Hobbit Fanfiction

Daughter of Beorn: The Hobbit Fanfiction

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~ The sequel to "Daughter of Beorn" has been released! Check it out! It's called "The Skin-Changer Prophecy." ~


Gandalf looked down at the small child partially hidden behind the skin-changer's legs. Her green eyes sparkled as she tossed a small pebble at the stranger's feet before giggling. The mischevious little one then toddled off a bit to chase a butterfly that had caught her attention. 

"She cannot stay here." Beorn said. "It is unsafe for a child. I do not want her to... be exposed. To my other form." 

"You seem to forget that she is your daughter." The wizard replied, shifting as a small breeze came through the forest. "And I am not trained in the art of raising children." The two men momentarily turned their gazes back to young Kyja, who was too occupied following the winged insect.

Compassion soon struck the wizard's heart. "Yet... there is someone that could care for her. He is an odd fellow, relates more to animals than any other living creature- but he is genuinely kind, and will be able to assist Kyja in the following years. Radagast the Brown is his name." 

And so, the journey begins. Far into adulthood, Kyja is introduced to a completely new world when Gandalf proposes an offer- to join a band of dwarves to help them save their homeland. Haunted by past memories and scars, the skin-changer is forced to come to terms with her own history while accepting the new fate she has been given. Humility, love, and sacrifice are only some of the lessons learned in: Daughter of Beorn. 


~ All ideas, concepts, and plot lines pertaining to The Hobbit all belong to J.R.R. Tolkien. Nevertheless, the creation of Kyja and any additional characters not in the original piece are mine. The cover photo is not mine. ~

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Lhiea_R-N Lhiea_R-N Sep 19, 2017
This is a worded representation of my life and the way that you've written it is so beautiful 👌👌
BadtimeAnna BadtimeAnna Oct 27, 2017
Your grammer is exquisite,I simply love the fact that you have written a story in order to help with grammer and to give credit to a splendid Author. Well done!
GemTheDragonGirl1234 GemTheDragonGirl1234 Aug 01, 2017
*B**** Smacks depression and anxiety in the face* GET LOST!!!
InspireTheFire InspireTheFire Jul 02, 2017
I relate to this completely and i admire your bravery for this note ❤️
physicalfatalities physicalfatalities Aug 09, 2017
I am admiring you from afar — I like that you stay with your own under fixed story. A story, a book, a tale is nothing without its own mistakes and faulties.
thepoorGUYShead thepoorGUYShead Dec 22, 2016
Omg I have been a fan of this book forever.  I read this book about 3-4ish years ago when I first joined Wattpad, and I loved it sooooooooooo much and I have been re-reading it since then because it's so good.