Metallic Soldiers {Metallic Charms Book #4}

Metallic Soldiers {Metallic Charms Book #4}

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Arielle Black By arielleblack Completed

One of the biggest threats in history is rising to the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D once again: Hydra's back.
And they're after the Avengers.
But with Steve having already almost been taken out, Noel putting the entire of S.H.I.E.L.D and the Avengers on edge with her new powers and Iron Man in a coma, dysfunction is at its highest when the world needs them most.

Unfortunately this story has been abandoned - if you wish to continue reading about Noel Barton's journey in the Marvel Universe with her Avengers you can read Metallic Warriors; the 5th book in the series!

~I highly recommend reading "Metallic Charms," "A Star Spangled Heart," "Metallic Hearts," "Not For the Light Hearted" and "Metallic Lights" before reading this! *huggles* Arielle Black~

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HeyItsDext HeyItsDext Apr 01, 2015
No wonder they call you a genius! Unless you don't do it, then your an idiot.
amandaviser amandaviser Aug 04, 2014
I saw his name in the 3rd book, i thought it was weird cause they linked his name to the prophecy which was happening on Yule which is Christmas and Klaus, like Santa Claus
somniare_spiritus somniare_spiritus Jul 15, 2014
These books are life. I literally want someone to love me like Tony loved Noel
koalagirlolive koalagirlolive Dec 27, 2013
Beautiful. I love it, and so excited for the rest of the book
MARVELousThor MARVELousThor Dec 27, 2013
AHHHHHH This. Is. AMAZING. Looking forward to the rest of the book!
RavenHolmes1994 RavenHolmes1994 Dec 27, 2013
                              Killing my heart in the first chapter!
                              How am I supposed to survive a whole book of this???
                              *odd goat noise*
                              Amazing but...
                              *odd goat noise*
                              Need... more... might... die
                              Amazing as Always!
                              Love and Skittles!