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Don't Run Away (complete)

Don't Run Away (complete)

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d.j. By alien-child Completed

Before you read:
There are MANY plot holes, I don't know what I was thinking.
No, I'm never going to make a sequel to this, sorry. :-(
Blaire is an idiot, okay? But she's my baby, so don't bully my first born child, guys, this was my first story.

"Shift!" he orders in an alpha tone. Holy shit! He's an alpha! They hate when rogues are in their territory! I ignore him and stay still on the floor, my wolf whining at me.

"I said shift!" he demands me again, his voice deep and musky. I shift and cover my naked body as much as I can with my hands. He throws me his shirt and I quickly put it in. And then his scent hit me like a thousand bricks. It smelled like mint and chocolate.

'Mate!' my wolf shouts in my head, making me wince. My eyes widen as soon as she says that and I take off running in human form. I hear pissed off growl and footsteps run after me. I get pinned to a tree, feeling slight pain in my back. He puts his head in my neck while pinning my arms above my head. He breaths in my scent and whispers something that I can't understand, since his voice is muffled.

"Mine!" he growls loudly, making me shiver in fear. He pulls back and looks me in the eye. His brown, nearly black eyes, scan my face. I whimper and shy away from him, making his face soften and stuffs his face into my neck again. He takes in a deep breath and says,

"You're mine and only mine! Nobody will ever touch you, look at you or even think about you! Nobody can ever make you feel the way I can make you feel!" he growls loudly. He slams my back against the tree again and I whimper. He slams his lips onto mine, creating thousands of sparks to explode in my head.

- DJ

Started January 1, 2014
Finished March 8, 2014

All Rights Reserved ©ShadowMonsters


1 Both Sequels Have Been CANCELLED!
2 I will NOT be writing a SEQUEL
Thank you! 

- DJ

ColourfulSweetPotato ColourfulSweetPotato Oct 29, 2016
I got a good impression with the description so I'm quite excited.
xindong02 xindong02 Sep 23, 2016
First thing when I saw the word run reminds me of Bts 'run'.
HotChocolateSyrup HotChocolateSyrup Aug 28, 2016
Yo niggas Imma excited to read this book 😎 *sets up popcorn and gummy bears*
                              Lights.. Camera.. Action..💃
Oh dear god it's a white wolf story , I'll just pretend her fur is black 😫
anntonete_Hood anntonete_Hood Jul 28, 2016
Don't panic! *slight pause* at the disco *starts blaring I write sins not tragedies in background* *runs away laughing like a maniac with arms flailing like their broken*
officialbreanna officialbreanna Oct 03, 2016
Stop asking me questions like I know the answer! Sheeshhhh...