A Robin and A Crow

A Robin and A Crow

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Jay By SomeTroll Updated Jun 29

This story takes place on earth after a global pandemic of a terrifying virus, that kills most of the ones who contact it. But not all of them. But those who survive are not quite the same anymore after... they are turned into what humans and themselves call "neo-genes". Some humans are immune to the virus where they cannot turn into these "neo-genes" where they then have to live through kill or be killed and survival for the fittest, as they are being hunted down by these mutated things who were once people. Four different types of neo-genes that they can turn into, and once turned they have no memory of their human lives and memories. No one is ever truly safe, human nor neo-gene.

This story follows a human girl at the age of 18, she has lost her group of survivors who are immune to the virus just like her. She was the weak link of the group, having no survival skills and having no idea of how to defend herself as she has always had others do things for her. She meets the most terrifying of all the four types of neo-genes that would probably change everything.

Lurking Crow is a screecher neo-gene who struggles to deal with himself. He has suicidal thoughts and most of the times has no control over his animalistic urges. As a screecher he is feared by all, he doesn't want to be the monster he is.  He created his own home and territory but eventually he was forced to leave his comfort zone in order to save other lives, but will his own life be saved after this decision?

Based on a friend's story whose idea I have full permission on using, our stories are connected: https://www.wattpad.com/story/47796509-a-hare-and-a-mountain-lion

Style of writing is third person perspective.

  • action
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  • horror
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  • mass-death
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  • mystery
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  • survival
  • violence
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