Element of Danger (Izaya Orihara x OC)

Element of Danger (Izaya Orihara x OC)

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Both of the two were renowned in Ikebukuro, and both could be significantly dangerous.

That fact could either draw the two together or force a wedge of bulletproof metal between them.

Now, what do you think Izaya Orihara is going to think about this interesting human? This human who can even surprise him with her unpredictable actions?

Disclaimer- I do not own Durarara or any of the characters from the original story.  I do not own the cover photo, but I did edit it. The only thing I claim as my own is my original character: Takara Namazaki.
(I also realize that Izaya is slightly OP-ed at times, but that is for romance purposes.  We all know that if the 'lovely' information broker did not have such a side to him, there would be no romance.  Which is nonexistent in the original Durarara series.)

Oops. Wrong anime. I thought this was durarara not death note
ScarletMewu ScarletMewu Apr 23
Every time I read Kira I automatically thought of Light from Death Note
I just realized. Doesn't Hunny Senpai called Moro Taka-Chan as well?
                              what are you doing here you're dead.
Light Imagay what exactly are you doing here ?!
                              I thought you were dead seriously,do they actually have internet connection down in Tartarus???
This story is so freaking good and I really like this protagonist personality!!