Love or Whatever ~ Book Six

Love or Whatever ~ Book Six

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Heather Jachmann By HeatherJachmann Completed

This is the story of Jace Taylor..... BOOK SIX in the "Taylor Family Series"

You can read this on it's own but if you want to full family experience...find books 1 - 5 in my works ( I SUGGEST YOU ReAD thE OthErS FIRSt!! )

As Jace deals with the ups and downs of being a part time father to his three young daughters. His life is then suddenly turned upside down by just one knock at the door. But he's not the one to answer it....

Who is opening the door? Better yet, who's on the other side? In those few minutes....everything changes...for better? for worse? Who the hell knows, but one thing is for sure.... Jace's life is never going to be the same again...

Will Jace finally get the love he deserves? Or will he give it all up and guard his heart from being hurt again and give into his playboy ways?

This story will contain FLASHBACKS!

As like all Taylor stories...the rest of the crazy big family will get their parts in the story....


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EmmaDunn1998 EmmaDunn1998 Jun 14, 2016
Wow... Wow... No I can't deal with this! I thought I was gonna have to stop reading right here so didn't have to go through that!! 😄😄
3darkknights 3darkknights Jul 26, 2016
Although Jace is my least favorite member of the Taylors' I am willing to read this.
toribaby514 toribaby514 Dec 04, 2014
Some people are jerks and self centered, and can't 
                              come up with their own story @HeatherRoberts but don't take thos down please I love reading this story:)
love88books love88books Dec 04, 2014
i am sorry this happen to you @HeatherRoberts some people are just plain rude and selfish in stealing, i really hope this doesn't happens again and chin up because your a great writer. ❤❤
OceansInfinity OceansInfinity Nov 01, 2014
I know who's gonna cause trouble now! Not saying because people who haven't read all the chapters yet, will find out and it'll kind of ruin it for them :) I'm kind :) lol
gabby5963112 gabby5963112 Nov 01, 2014
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