Book 2: Never Letting Go Staying Strong

Book 2: Never Letting Go Staying Strong

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This is sequel  to Book 1: (Titanic Fanfiction) Breaking Free Making It Count. So if you haven't read the first one I kinda suggest you do. But that's ok if your lazy and want to skip it all. It's kinda understandable. And it's fairly easy to catch up cause their is A 4 YEAR TIME JUMP!

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Jackson and Lilly are now 4 years old. Rose is 21 and Jack is 23. Jack is a well known artist in New York doing great business. While over the last couple of years Rose has found her passion in life. Acting. She has been landing roles in plays and movies. And now is just about to hit her big break on a film she has done.

How will this change the Dawson family? Will they survive for what is to come? Can they all be together again and never let go? Find out in 'Never Letting Go Staying Go'