The Alpha's Human Mate

The Alpha's Human Mate

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Kat Sanborn By SunFireRising Updated Apr 13, 2014

Calla moves to a new town with her mother to get away from a 'divorce' but Calla finds out there was a different reason. These boys that are in a wolf pack enter Calla's life thinking she is more to them then she might actually be. Calla discovers she isn't what she thought she was, that she was more special then anyone In the world. She has the difficulties of managing love, strength, power, people and threats of war. Calla will have to choose between 'lovers'. Calla changes from who she was to a whole different person; strong, dark, powerful, bold, brave, loving, caring, demanding, passionate, and controlling. 

There will be gay, lesbian and bi-sexual action and Sexual scenes in this book, so if you aren't into that stuff please don't read or do any bad comments about it. 
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Love always, Kat Akatyszewski (Cassidy)

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