Fallen From Grace | BOOK 1

Fallen From Grace | BOOK 1

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Sno By -S-N-O- Completed

For years, Pierce had bloodied his hands with war only wanting to end it. Yet, it persisted. He watched as his friends died one-by-one leaving only a few of them left. It angered him, but he was loyal nonetheless. Betrayal never once crossed his mind. However, a run in with a particular king triggered his downfall. 

Every single thing he ever held dear to him was slowly disintegrating and falling apart right before his eyes. He watched as it burned and decayed away, fading into nothing but dust. A simple dream. Never would he had thought something as beautiful as love could turn into a war costing both sides to lose everything.

      When you have fallen, there is no way for you to rise again.

@RedMirror350 for the cover design!

  • alpha
  • beta
  • bonds
  • boyxboy
  • bxb
  • consequences
  • fate
  • hardship
  • humans
  • king
  • lgbt
  • love
  • manxman
  • mxm
  • political-intrigue
  • romance
  • sacrifice
  • war
  • werewolf
Vampiresinlove Vampiresinlove Aug 01, 2017
                              YOU DON'T HAVE TO RUB SALT IN MY WOUNDS!!!!
lee_girlie lee_girlie Feb 02
When you’re over your significant other “Nah go back to your other bitch that you were talking to!”
Captain_Amiraca Captain_Amiraca Apr 21, 2017
Aww poor child he'll have to serve under an Alpha...,.that sounded perverted but okay.
mylillys mylillys Jan 01, 2017
I have officially forum outta stuff to read so I shall finish the rest of your stories (even tho I said I was gonna use these for when I have a fireplace) :3
_Shifters_Daughter _Shifters_Daughter Jul 29, 2015
wtf if ur the alpha and ur at war of course ur so n should be at war too
lovelessotus lovelessotus Jul 01, 2015
oh my just got shivers from ur book this is an awesome book so far and this last line is Amazing wow