Silent Gay

Silent Gay

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My name is Caspian Slater,
And my name is Gabriel Tyme.
I'm what you call the bad boy,
And I'm what you call the ignored gay boy.
I'm content with my life, 
And I just want to be seen.

Caspian starts up at a new school after he's forced once again to move with his father, he believes this school to be like the rest but is surprised when he comes across the ways of Colton High.
Especially the way it treats the quiet gay boy, but things are not as they seem when it comes to this small blond hair, blue eyed Gabriel.

Everything Gabriel loved or held dear was destroyed in one night. One night his parents turned their backs on him, one night that his friends refused to talk to him ever again and one night Colton High rejected him for who he was.
All Gabriel wishes of his last year is to graduate and leave this town never to look back. 

But one day changes everything for the two, for when Caspian and Gabriel meet everyone starts to take notice.

  • abuse
  • boyxboy
  • bullied
  • complete
  • danger
  • depression
  • gay
  • love
  • mature
  • romance
  • school
  • secrets
  • self-hate
Did he do what i think he did if he did what i think the didnt im personally going to cut his dick of
XQueenRayeX XQueenRayeX Jul 22, 2017
I know nothing about cars , I had to do a google image search just to know what that was 😂😂😂
We are never truly clean there will always be dust particles and millions of bacteria on us
BorrisBearisBoom BorrisBearisBoom Oct 02, 2017
So those are his foster parents and his real parents got killed? Did he have a sibling that died??
GAYngel777 GAYngel777 Jun 23, 2017
And question their sexuality. 😜 Unless of course they already know they're gay like our boy Gabriel here. 😂