More Issues Than Vogue

More Issues Than Vogue

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BELLA. By BellaLunaa Completed

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Haley Monroe has moved to the Big Apple and is ready to start her internship at Forward Magazine, the hottest best selling lifestyle magazine in the country.            

Everything is set into place: 

Overpriced tiny apartment? Check.
Sadly single? Check. 
Friendless in new city? Check.                               

Determined to set off with a fresh start and (clearly) positive attitude, she spends her first night in New York doing something that someone as organized as Haley is, would never dream of - a one night stand.               

Well, almost. If you consider leaving Nate - the hottest guy she's ever set her eyes on - naked in his apartment, a one night stand.                                

And to make Haley's life complete, the new owner of Forward magazine just started his first day at the office. Haley instantly recognizes her new boss.        

She almost had a one night stand with him.                              


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CoolNerd2 CoolNerd2 Mar 24
In my apartment building too you need the nfc to use every single thing. Even the lift.
Possible. Am I predicable? Depends. On person to person. How well they know me and can read me. So yea. It depends
Journalism, Yale and New York Times... Rory Gilmore is that you?
AzulesBlue AzulesBlue 4 days ago
I have one on my neck and one on my ass cheek and a Strawberry like birth mark under my left boob 😂😂
Umm.... Having a drink. Just like you should. Unless u have come here to commit a murder or two? Or wait. Maybe u don't know how to drink. Want me to teach ya?
Ebube58 Ebube58 Apr 12
😂 As soon as I read the name my jaw literally dropped....