More Issues Than Vogue

More Issues Than Vogue

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BELLA. By BellaLunaa Completed

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Haley Monroe has moved to the Big Apple and is ready to start her internship at Forward Magazine, the hottest best selling lifestyle magazine in the country.            

Everything is set into place: 

Overpriced tiny apartment? Check.
Sadly single? Check. 
Friendless in new city? Check.                               

Determined to set off with a fresh start and (clearly) positive attitude, she spends her first night in New York doing something that someone as organized as Haley is, would never dream of - a one night stand.               

Well, almost. If you consider leaving Nate - the hottest guy she's ever set her eyes on - naked in his apartment, a one night stand.                                

And to make Haley's life complete, the new owner of Forward magazine just started his first day at the office. Haley instantly recognizes her new boss.        

She almost had a one night stand with him.                              


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CrzyXNavy CrzyXNavy Nov 29
I'm sorry bitch but who tf asked u for bur shitty opinion???
If I were Haley I would have been like "yeah I know what you mean. I really wouldn't have gone with those shoes for that outfit *points at bïtchy girl*. But I guess we ARE here to learn...."
renmichelle renmichelle a day ago
Just wanted to say that I'm reading this while I have my hair nice looking, am wearing a glitter cut crease, false lashes and have bright highlight. I look good, I feel great (:
EshLoveblossom EshLoveblossom 7 days ago
Really .. I have to write a speech about NYC ...please do it for me 😉
It's her time of the month guys!
                              *whispers* let the bitch games begin
Lareina219 Lareina219 3 days ago
Chris Hemsworth?
                              Chris Evans?
                              Chris Pine?
                              Chris Pratt?
                              Any Chris will do