Society of Broken People

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Nikki By NikkiJasper Updated 3 years ago
This is about a society where it's 'normal' to be emotionless. Marissa is a seventeen year old girl trying to find where she belongs. Fahrenheit 451 inspired this a lot. If you like this please vote for it.
    Thank you for reading.
Sweet chapter. Story line is great. Characters are golden. Love lydia. And the dog was a nice touch.
An absolutely phenomenal beginning. I love the plot. Marissa is a brave girl. I wonder how she and lydia are going to escape. Adding the dog into the equation was a nice touch too. This is going to be a great adventure.
This is a really great idea, and I love the story so far! Great job; I can't wait to read on! :)
I really liked it and your description was perfect. Their world is so.... boring. I would of let them kill me if I was there. xD Haha, also, putting a prolouge in the same chapter with one seems a bit to much to me. I think you should make it seperate. Now I shall vote and keep reading.
Wow :) this is great! A really interesting idea and I am excited to read more. You are a really great writer!
I really like the structure of your story and the sescriptions :D Keep Writing!!!