Dean's Baby Girl (A Dean Ambrose Story)

Dean's Baby Girl (A Dean Ambrose Story)

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J o J o B e e ♛ By Jonelleeeeeeee Completed

Victoria or Tori as everyone calls her was your average 19 year old who just finished school and is living with her two older sister. She was never really the wild party type but when her sister, Dani and her best friend Aliana drags her to go to a party, she meets a mysterious guy named Jon. 

Tori and Jon hits it off immediately with him saying all the rights things. One thing leads to another and they end up having up a one night stand. When Tori wakes up, she finds that Jon has disappeared along with her cherished virginity. What happens when she sees Jon 3 years later, and she's not alone ?

- Don't Steal My Story, I'm Not Afraid to Rag A Bitch

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pookiepookie8 pookiepookie8 Jan 16, 2017
I had to start reading this because of the "Don't steal my story, I'm not afraid to rag a bitch" 😂😂😂😂
- - Aug 04, 2015
Sounds interesting but I also started reading this story because it said 'Don't steal my story, I'm not afraid to rag a bïtch' and I was like, the author is just like me!!!! XD
Reigns_-_ Reigns_-_ Feb 01, 2014
The start is kinda weird? Why is Victoria forced to go them club by her older sisters. Confused. Pleaseeee explain to me that part!!!
Jonelleeeeeeee Jonelleeeeeeee Jan 13, 2014
@SomoAmbrollins I made it on pixlr but I got the picture on pinterest
SomoAmbrollins SomoAmbrollins Jan 13, 2014
Did you make your cover on here? I need something like that for my next story.
ReigningMoxleys ReigningMoxleys Dec 29, 2013
I cam tell Im already going to like this story:) I love the cover by the way ..for some reason I love curly hair