Taming the Badboy; Adrinette AU [Taming Series #1] ✅

Taming the Badboy; Adrinette AU [Taming Series #1] ✅

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M🐞I🐞A By AdrientteLover Completed


"....what's your deal Agreste, why do you keep making eye contact with me, touching me in ways that I can't explain...what's the reason for this?" I yelled frustratedly

He stepped closer and I kept on stepping back, my back soon hit the wall and I had No where else to go. He came closer to my face our lips just inches apart his emerald green eyes locked onto my blue one that shimmered in the moonlight "...Like I said in the library, Marinette is that I think I like you."

I froze a bit, Adrien Agreste likes me that is not possible. I chuckled and pushed his face away "Nice try Agreste but I'm not like every other in this school" I got out of his grasp and began walking away

He chuckled "You're different, from other girls....I like that" he winked at me before departing from where we were


⚠!WARNING!⚠ -- There is possibly some [ SIN] in this book and indecent language  keep your eyes out or follow the warnings if you're not into those stuff enjoy the story. I do not own miraculous ladybug or any characters or art feature in this book however I do own the following characters in this book;

<♧> Amara Jones
<♧> Ciara Madison 
<♧> Melissa Jackson 
<♧> Anthony Smart 

Those are the main ones

Started: 28/8/2017

Finished: 19/2/2018

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ZevonDenmark ZevonDenmark Nov 18, 2017
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temabellopez temabellopez Jul 29, 2017
Wene is the next chapter plzz update soon and also you're story started out realy good well I think so
ZevonDenmark ZevonDenmark Nov 18, 2017
Chain smoker songs?!!?? 
                              🎵I know its been to hard. To move to the city in a broke down car and four years no calls. And know u looking pretty in a hotel bar and I I I I can't stop. No I I I I can't stop🎵
fanboze fanboze Oct 27, 2017
mari needs to learn selfdefence amd carry a taser. with herbody she will always be harrased#😰😹😢😫😫😎
At first i thought it was Lila due to the tanned skin, but then i saw pony tail and was like Chloe
Rebecca172003 Rebecca172003 Dec 27, 2017
Now Adrien know the number of Marinette dorm room😏😏😏