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Breaking Free

Breaking Free

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Starzee By The_Starzee Updated Oct 20, 2013

Alyxis Dasher had it all. Great friends, perfect grades, and an almost unparalleled talent for dance. A strategic planner, her future is set: graduate top of her class from the Hilliard Ballet Academy, and join a prestigious ballet company that tours the world and would ultimately gain her international stardom. 
But when the unthinkable happens, destroying Alysix's innocence, self esteem, and trust in everything around her, things change. Her whole world caves, leaving her bitter and broken. Unable to move past it, Alyxis ends up on a downwards spiral and her dreams become simply that: useless dreams. 
Worried about her wellbeing, her parents send her to live with her Aunt Sadie, hoping the change from her hectic city life will do her good. But will a new scenery and break from constant high expectations be enough to bring back the old Alyxis? Or will the weight of what she has suffered prove too much and swallow the last fractured pieces of her soul, leaving nothing but emptiness and resentment behind? 

Axl Swanson is as cynical as they come thanks to years of disappointment from a consistently absent father and countless betrayals by a selfish mother. 
End result: a mental armour so thick he considers himself immune to people's empty promises, lies, and deceitful behaviour. Such a blatantly flippant attitude ensures that he has no real friends, something that Suits Axl just fine as it means nobody can get close enough to hurt him. Determined to remain untouchable, he does his best to ignore the New York transfer student Alyxis Dasher whose haunted eyes and skittish tendencies pique his curiosity. 
But when a unexpected encounter with Alyxis in the school gym leads Axl to believe she is facing some pretty big demons of her own, things change. He has a decision to make. Will he break his well honed anti social habits to get closer to the one person who could potentially end up hurting him the most? Or will seventeen years of injustices and the fear they've i

shackera_1 shackera_1 Oct 18, 2014
This is really interesting....plz update soon. Domt torture us anymore 
noorasim11 noorasim11 Dec 27, 2013
Great starting, though the hair! I cut my own long hair up to my chin, they looked horrible. This made me relive the experience :/
leafinhand leafinhand Nov 23, 2013
Wow the opening paragraphs describing her injuries are really well written
AliGurl23 AliGurl23 Jun 15, 2013
Amazing start! You are by far my favorite author, including every published book I've ever read. Your writing surpasses them all
emallyrally emallyrally Sep 09, 2012
Just... WTF!?? This prologue is very weird avd very creepy but st the sane time rather interesting! And at the same time my mind think IT'S... ITS SICK to actually find this information but I really want to know what happens. 
                              Just... Very interesting.... Hm... Lol
TheColourPurple TheColourPurple Aug 31, 2012
This is a great story, and Axl has to be my most favourite character out of all your stories. I hope you update soon :)