Divide (GirlxGirl)

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SJ By SkylarJapera Completed
Divide isn't a normal town. It has Wolves, Witches, and Vampires and they are all divided into different parts of the town. Violet is a wolf and she has three brothers named Ethan, Lucas, and Scott and when she starts to protect a witch name Chloe everything changes. Will the town set aside their differences and fight together during the biggest war of their time.
you know author this is the 5th time that i will going to read this book i really loved it i cant get over with the characters like violet and chloe i love their chemistry hehehehehe just so you know
Great story...bt needs some serious editing...ur rily talented though...love ur eorks
the story is great! but I agree you need a bit of editing specially the grammar. anyways, you have one great plot!
Just needs a little bit of editing, but I like this story :)
You, the writer, said on the beginning of the first page, and I quote "Hey guys this my first book so I'm accepting advice, BAD or GOOD". If you didn't want someones advice, then don't put that there.
NONNONONONONONONONO! Please re-do this! 3rd person in a LGBT story w/ vampires is horrible! > ~ <