Shadow of a Memory (NaNoWriMo 2020)

Shadow of a Memory (NaNoWriMo 2020)

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Carolyn Hill By Carolyn_Hill Updated Apr 28, 2018

Leila is a Risan Sorceress sworn to uphold nature's law. Magnar is a Fireborn Warrior who defies the natural order. Both have pledged their lives to protect their homelands. They are two polar opposites inexplicably drawn to each other in a world filled with malice. 

Can Leila and Magnar overcome the mutual disdain their cultures have embedded deep inside them? Both worlds will try to keep them separate. It is up to them to heed the call of Fate or to follow their cultural imperative.


Complete rewrite of Shadow of a Memory ¦ romantic fantasy-adventure ¦ standalone novel set in the Forlorn/Fireborn universe 300 years after Fireborn ¦ planning phase

Cover art: @maytijssen