Trapped || Male Rivals X Reader

Trapped || Male Rivals X Reader

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—katie By honey-melon Updated Mar 25

There's a new girl in town and her name is Y/n L/n. A transfer student from England along with her sister Melody.

Watch as she meets 10 different boys with unique personalities.

Osano Najimi a tsundere who cares deeply for Y/n but doesn't show it.

Amao Odayaka the sweet and caring president of the baking club.

Kizano Sunobu the flamboyant president of the drama club.

Oko Ruto the shy and adorable president of the occult club.

Aso Rito the energetic and strong president of the sports club.

Mujo Kina the clumsy and helpful school nurse.

Mido Rana the school's most sexiest teacher who just so happens caught the attention of Y/n.

Osoro Shidesu the most feared student in the entire school, but little did he know that not all students fear him.

Hanako Yamada Y/n's best friend who wants to be more than that.

Megamo Saikou the student body president who will do anything in his power to keep Y/n safe from harm. 

But little did all the boys know that they will fall for the same girl....

Started : May 17, 2017
Ended : March 25, 2020