Just like you - Sasuke love story [On hold]

Just like you - Sasuke love story [On hold]

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Midnight_Lilac By Midnight_Lilac Updated Mar 02, 2014

Its been a year since the defeat of Uchiha Madara and the akatsuki that threatened the peace of the shinobi world. The once known traitor, Uchiha Sasuke, returned to Konoha after a long and hard struggle through his memories and past.

The one person who made it possible - Uzumaki Naruto.

Spending her life in hell for the time she feels to have been forever, Miyu crosses paths with the cold Uchiha. Will they be able to find the peace and love they yearn for in each other?

What will Sasuke's fan girls do about his new found interest?

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EatRamenEvryday EatRamenEvryday Jan 30, 2016
Omo.... a kdrama actress and kpop star?!?!
                              How awesome can she get??!!!! $
breadstick-otaku breadstick-otaku Dec 17, 2015
Well, he's supposed to technically be 17 in this story but why not add another year?