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Free Fall

Free Fall

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Hec Daevis By HecDaevis Completed

Warren was like any ordinary guy: sarcastic, bored, hungry, and trying to do a live documentary expose on the fraud that he considered popularity by using an inconsiderate homophobic jackass as his test subject.
  Upon arriving at Weston High, he was faced with homophobic swimmer athlete Paul, the sweet and distraught Isaac, Ariana, not to mention a hurricane of dislike for his sexual orientation. He had a plan. His documentary would uncover all the secrets. And he'd do whatever was necessary, even if that force him to lie himself.
  It wasn't just his suddenly complicated love life that brought trouble, however.
  Ariana had a problem... a power struggle of sorts. There was a mystery caller giving too much information. It brought a dangerous issue at hand. Suddenly, it wasn't just about a simple documentary. Things shifted, making it a matter of making it out unharmed by the one who held all the power, the real threat. The one who held the secrets.
  [Used to be called Nothing but Sex Appeal]
  Warning: Dark Themes

ScytheHaven ScytheHaven 4 days ago
I smiled when reading because I knew I wanted to punch his fcking face in
BrokenChild18 BrokenChild18 5 days ago
Roses are red
                              Violets are blue
                              Sugar is sweet 
                              And so are you
                              My roses are wilted
                              And the violets are dead
                              I am always alone
                              And the coffin is my bed
                              Tada!! 😄
First chapter and I'm already hooked. This has a 13 Reasons Why vibe to it and I love it
BrokenChild18 BrokenChild18 5 days ago
Popularity isn't everything in my school, it's more what you are. Druggies and alcoholics hang together, emos/furries/anime people in one, sports in another, and so on. Everyone knows everyone really.
neo-chann neo-chann May 17
I don't get this in most books. Like they're a new kid and immediately people hate them. Damn what'd they do?
Best you got? Baby I'm a sociopath.(song reference) I'm gonna fight you you talk about my baby like that