Distance Traveled

Distance Traveled

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SleepyZombie33 By SleepyZombie33 Updated Mar 20, 2012

Lorelei, "Lori", is best friends with Samantha, who has a habit of picking up really random and old objects. Lori never thought that a pocket watch would cause so much problems. After Lori successfully opens the watch, the two of them pass out. Soon, they find themselves thrown across the earth and going back into time. The two of them need to find a way back home, but none of them know how to work the watch. How long will they be stuck there? Who will they meet? And, more importantly, how do they get out without changing the present? 


Writers Note: I thought I would put this here so it doesn't disrupt the flow of the story. Anyway, I know this is probably a pretty cliche story idea, but I am trying to make it a little more original. I've always enjoyed time travelling stories and I thought I would take a shot at writing one. I'm not a historian or a history buff, but I will be trying to keep things as accurate to the time(s) that they end up visiting. There will be a a few historical figures mentioned or interacted with in this story as well. So, please, if you find something to be incorrect, grammar or historic fact wise, please let me know. I will be editing this story, so I'm always open for people to correct me. 

Anyway, if you like this story, enjoy! :)

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NicoletteAndrews NicoletteAndrews Mar 27, 2012
Yes time travelling has been done but you've got your own imagination to make it different. I'm very curious about these girls back grounds etc. But I guess it's onto the time travelling now.
mimi17143 mimi17143 Mar 27, 2012
haha to be honest im a sucker for the whole time traveling story plot stuff lol and the time traveling begins! really good way to open up the story :)
slantingwillow slantingwillow Mar 20, 2012
Wow! I like this idea a lot! Your grammar was pretty good! Still, here and there, your adverbs were in different tenses, when they should have been in the same. Other than that, it's really interesting! :)
LiddySykes LiddySykes Mar 20, 2012
Ooohhhh interesting :) I really like this chappie and your writing style :D
                              I also really like Sam and the way that she loves exploring things :) *Voted*
TwoBlackBirds TwoBlackBirds Mar 18, 2012
This seems like a good story. Very realistic things happening here. By that I mean the conversations, not where they get sent somewhere in time. Overall, this was a great start to your story, it makes readers want to continue on and see what happens next. :3
ConcreteHeart ConcreteHeart Mar 18, 2012
Wow. I can honestly say that, no matter how mad I have ever gotten at my mother, I could NEVER talk to her like that. That's just... wow. You are an excellent writer, portraying every character's emotions beautifully. Great work. Voted!