Stolen My Heart

Stolen My Heart

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George Newbie By simplyanonimous Updated Sep 29

Seychelle Anne Fortalejo, a 25 year-old photographer who loves to travel a lot. She's one happy-go-lucky girl and that's one of the reason why her team loves to work with her. But unfortunately, her camera's lenses accidentally captured one heinous crime that made her life compromised and jeopardized her loving profession.

Antonio Paolo Navarete, 27 year-old Filipino businessman who owns a safari way down south of the Philippines. All is well but not until his best buddy got killed during their trip in Cambodia. He was so devastated and wants to seek justice.

Until AP meets Sey. Later did he learned that she was the one who can help him to bring justice to his murdered best friend.

Can she trust him?
What if by finding and fighting for what is right she will fall for him along the way?

Will she be able to fight for the man who stole her heart?