STRANGER(A Muslim Love Story)#Wattys2017

STRANGER(A Muslim Love Story)#Wattys2017

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"Aminah, I will explain everything.. it's not what yo..." she didn't let me finish.

"Don't you dare!" I put my hand on her shoulder but she flinched away!

"How could you? You ruined my life! When I asked you if you wanted to marry me why didn't you say no? Tell me! Tell me! That's why I never wanted to get married! Once you trust someone and fall for them, They break your trust! I'm done with you! Go away!" she said, anger and tears in her eyes! She was heart broken! I broke her heart! I should have told her about Aliyah! I know I should have!                           •••                                                                                                          Sequel is up! -UNBREAKABLE-

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Thank God I read the previous comments first.... I was about to say it again, arranged marriage ain't forced 😀
Here the writer is showing  negativity towards arrange marriage.   you cant blame arrange marriage just because in some places of  Pakistan people are forced to get married.It is not arrange marriage it is forced marriage.
pranshulaagarwal18 pranshulaagarwal18 Dec 18, 2016
In this para..firstly the grammar was in third person and then it changed to first person..weird! Correct it dear :)
REONlS REONlS Oct 11, 2016
It is forced with some families they dont give the girl a chance to say no or even yes they just suck her in but some times they actually do it the right way 'arranged' but th egirl has her choice.
Abeeraislam34 Abeeraislam34 Mar 25, 2016
I read this book completely.  This book was so good and I loved it
- - Oct 06, 2015
Yep soooo true stupid heart!! We  should always listen to our brains