The Lost Map

The Lost Map

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Lauriann A. Comrie By PirateCaptainZero Completed

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When her sister is kidnapped, Sierra hires a pirate to take her through the Screaming Cliffs to the island surrounded in mist to find the ransom: a legendary map said to be able to locate anything that has been lost. But boarding the Maelstrom may not have been the wisest decision. An old ship captained by a man known for his insanity, Sierra isn't certain if she would survive the next two weeks. But a pirate always keeps his promises and Kacey may be just as motivated to find the map as she is.
  Journey with them through treacherous waters as they fight their way to the Screaming Cliffs. Will Sierra be able to save her sister? Will she even make it back in one piece? Why does Kacey want the map? And what will they be willing to give up to get it?
  Rated PG13

Highest ranking:  #47 in Adventure  (2nd October, 2017)

  • island
  • kacey
  • maelstrom
  • magic
  • map
  • monster
  • pirate
  • ransom
  • sierra
Also by the time you read this, you probably read my comment in the first dragon book about having to do my English. Just wanted to share - I've fixed it up pretty neat and written down my quotes and some of the 100 words we can bring 👌
ExotiqNerd ExotiqNerd Sep 11, 2017
I can't fully remember which one (i think the Silver Chair)....but one of the Chronicles of Narnia books has me cringing every time I see/hear poppet.
KenWallin KenWallin Oct 27, 2017
I like the alternate spelling of Kacey's name. It's a bit different, and adds interest. And with a ship named Maelstrom, there's sure to be an interesting adventure.
Rachelle1516 Rachelle1516 Dec 14, 2017
I freakin' love your writing style! Your books are fabulous!
I've honestly been imagining him talking like Jack sparrow this whole time without even realising
I woke up in a bad mood because SCHOOL AGH but now my day is 10x better and I haven’t even gotten off the bus 😂😂