Eye-dentity (completed)

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YelenaLiana By YelenaLiana Completed
What if you’re destined to be the heir of a powerful clan?
    Trained to be the best..
    Taught to feel nothing..
    To oblige the rule of society..
    Ordered to fulfill a prophecy..
    What if fate suddenly intervene?..
    And the love that you once owned was captured by love, 
    with the person that you’re about to kill..
    Are you willing to take the risk to fight?
    The battle that arises hundred years ago..
    The battle that continues to grow until today..
    And the battle that will dictate the future..
    Where two people lies within..
    This battle is their destiny..
    To kill each other..
    To hold on together..
    To fight each other..
    To fight together..
    No one can escape their fate..
    But ,what if?
    Their own destiny ruined them..
    And only the enemy can fix them?
    Will they survive this battle together?
    Will they end up killing each other?
Akala ko english. Yun pala may tagalog.
                                    Nosebleed ako dun ah.
I really love the story..even though I'm not finish yet..but I can really tell that this is great!! Keep it up..good job :))
What is going on in this book?! Some English and some in a different language? I really wanted to read this book. Please translate all it English?
i love this book <3 please will you look at mine and fan me. i could use so advice
I was looking forward to reading this after viewing the all English introduction, didn't expect the Filipino. I wish you luck, but I can't read/understand your story!
wh0a! galing! pang 7th na sa h0ttest vampire st0ry...,malapit na mag1st.. :-P