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uunrequited By uunrequited Completed

Written by Bex-Chan. Originally published on

    Post HBP. Ron and Harry are Horcrux hunting and Hermione has been left at Hogwarts to help the Order make it safe for the other students. Draco is forced by Snape to stay in Hogwarts for his own protection, but he can't leave the room he is given; Granger's room. Hermione is the only student trusted with this information, so her and Malfoy share the small space, and Draco tries to avoid insanity as he becomes increasingly isolated with only the Mudblood for company. Something's going to give...

auroranfires auroranfires Dec 07, 2016
Thanx!!! This is my favorite dramione!!! Thanx a lot for put it in wat!!!😊
i'd rather just have a sleep potion because I love dreams, I find them very interesting
                              although for Hermione her dreams might not be so pleasant I guess
sohvia sohvia Oct 28, 2016
Oml it's been long since i read a potter fic and gash have i missed all this british
Hey hey hey. Don't hate on Mcgonagall. She's the one whose gonna be saving your ass
sohvia sohvia Oct 28, 2016
YUSS Buzzfeed told me to read this and i was like o hellz na will i read this on a website so thaaaank youuuuuuu !!
MarryPotterDA MarryPotterDA Nov 27, 2016
I've heard really good things about this story before. I even tried reading it on but I can't stand the way that website is set up. I'm so glad someone put it on watt pad.