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Written by Bex-Chan. Originally published on

    Post HBP. Ron and Harry are Horcrux hunting and Hermione has been left at Hogwarts to help the Order make it safe for the other students. Draco is forced by Snape to stay in Hogwarts for his own protection, but he can't leave the room he is given; Granger's room. Hermione is the only student trusted with this information, so her and Malfoy share the small space, and Draco tries to avoid insanity as he becomes increasingly isolated with only the Mudblood for company. Something's going to give...

He never had any choice. Isnt that right? The boy had no choice
for the last two paragraphs i thought draco can do wandless magic. turns out hermione wasn't fighting draco but snape😂
what about his trunk? I'm pretty sure he left his trunk at his dorm when he and snape ran away from hogwarts so mcgonagall can just ask a house-elf to take it or something
Watch your mouth Malfoy! She will savw your butt more than a million times in the future! Not to mention she is the Captain of the Ship
SaintMalfoy SaintMalfoy Jul 15
Filmed in Scotland and England but Hogwarts is placed in Scotland
sineaad sineaad Jun 23
-was forced by irresponsible adults into a task that is completely unreasonable to ask of a boy, yes, we know, minerva. we know.