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Rajveer Naina (courtship and Mysteries)

Rajveer Naina (courtship and Mysteries)

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chetna786 By chetna786 Updated Jan 01

This story is based on the show left right left....
Story of 6 cadets have diffrent dreams, ambition and a mentor offf captain rajveer singh shekhawat.... 
A perfect soldier n a mentor  too who teaches communication and strategy in KMA (kanchanchanga milatry academy) n our six cadets first one cadet  pooja ghai a quiet natorious girl , naina offf naina singh aluwalia or naina ah singh  [;)]   angry bird next comes cadet amardeep hudda a born fluttern n our betting raja  ,cadet ali bheg a single person among all other 6 cadet who actually wants to became a  solidier,a sweet n calm person . next comes cadet yudi off yaduwad sahani technology freek a childish amongst all yet a sweet boy. Last but not the least cadat alekh sharma a wild beast with a kind heart but full of  haterd.n here comes our hero non other than captain rajveer singh shekhawat a young,dashing person with a dazzling charm, a perfect soldier, a perfect mentor, a best friend... N here goes the love story of two contrasting personalities cadet naina ah singh [;)] n captain rajveer singh shekhawat............
Anger v/s calmness, aggresion v/s patience? ,and lot more . i will continue my story from the accident, accident of cap rajveer singh shekhawat.....i hope u all will like it. Very soon  i will be introducing new characters to the story i will introduce them parallel with the story... [8->]   .
Hope u all will like it...

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