Struggles of a Metalhead

Struggles of a Metalhead

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Wanna buy peace? By Deductivism Updated Dec 31, 2017

I'm a metalhead, and I don't see many other metalheads on here. 

I also like to rant. In fact, I need to rant. 

Well then.

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Deductivism Deductivism Aug 05, 2017
@jackmetal34 Wait, I'm super confused. Do you mean when a person doesn't have knowledge of a band and is wearing said band shirt?
TheMetalCat TheMetalCat Jan 16
I did a social experiment with 15 random strangers in public who were wearing metal shirts.
                              I played a song by the band on their shirt and asked them what this band is
                              And the guess what
                              Only 2 people could answer
JxhnDeacxn JxhnDeacxn Nov 16, 2017
Metal's passion not fashion. Why don't people understand!?!?
missie_kbear missie_kbear Oct 28, 2017
Lol yes, I still kinda like post hardcore bands a bit but definitely not as much as I did 2 years ago before I rly became mature & i def have a deeper appreciation for real metal (heavy metal, death metal, black metal).
boxhammett boxhammett Dec 09, 2017
Thank you! Someone else that agrees with me! It annoys the crap out of me when I see this, with any band, not just metal.
pretty__tied__up pretty__tied__up Nov 24, 2017
Ohh yas I totally agree. It pisses me off when I see people wearing a Nirvana shirt only because it's cool on tumblr