Struggles of a Metalhead

Struggles of a Metalhead

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Wanna buy peace? By Deductivism Updated a day ago

I'm a metalhead, and I don't see many other metalheads on here. 

I also like to rant. In fact, I need to rant. 

Well then.

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Deductivism Deductivism Aug 05
@jackmetal34 Wait, I'm super confused. Do you mean when a person doesn't have knowledge of a band and is wearing said band shirt?
Metal's passion not fashion. Why don't people understand!?!?
Lol yes, I still kinda like post hardcore bands a bit but definitely not as much as I did 2 years ago before I rly became mature & i def have a deeper appreciation for real metal (heavy metal, death metal, black metal).
boxhammett boxhammett 2 days ago
Thank you! Someone else that agrees with me! It annoys the crap out of me when I see this, with any band, not just metal.
Ohh yas I totally agree. It pisses me off when I see people wearing a Nirvana shirt only because it's cool on tumblr
Ikr, all these girls wearing nirvana, acdc or metallica shirts 🙄Also the fact that H&M now sells band tees really pisses me off. I simply refuse to buy any band tees from there