The Obscure

The Obscure

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T. A. Nelson By livinginmymindgirl Completed

Who would have known one night, one stupid act could cause so much destruction and so much horror. 

Rosaleen Gibbons has everything that night at the annual town carnival, her best friend, her crush and even her ex best friend. But some spell she does brings out something inhuman-something from the unknown which will tear her and the town apart. A spell gone wrong unleashes a monster to town. 
What happens when old friendships arose along new ones? Jealousy builds up that night at the carnival as well as the horror. A love spell to redeem her crush goes terribly wrong and what comes out of it is a creature from some place not here.
What would you do if your world abruptly went in an upside down horror and it was all because of you?

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- Third place in the Little Sanguine Awards horror category! 
Cover by MR_Nicole

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This is an early draft. There will be mistakes and issues. I'm working on a better version as I write the manuscript, but it won't be up on Wattpad. 
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