The Royal Bond

The Royal Bond

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I hated the higher up packs. The fact that they got to live in luxury while your average, run of the mill wolves, were deemed low and left to fend for themselves. I just wanted the best for my family. I prayed we'd get accepted into a pack, not caring which it was. They say fate works in mysterious ways, and let's just say... fate took me for one heck of a ride.

In a world where the werewolf species are dominant, most of the world has been developed into a PS (Personal Status) system. You're either the best of the best or the worst of the worst. There are packs people are dispersed in all across the country; Power, War, and Intelligence, and others.  But there is someone above them all, Alpha Christian, the Royal Pack's alpha, and is the best of the best.  He's the Alpha King. Christian's life is about to collide with a fiery, fiercely determined woman that is going to drive him crazy in every aspect a man could think of. Meet Scarlett Madison, his future mate.
Book 1 of the bond series. I do recommend you read at least the first four book in order starting with this book. 

Series in order:
1. The Royal Bond
2. The War Bond
3. The Power Bond
4. The Intelligence Bond
5. The Immaculateness Bond
6. The Malevolent Bond 

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TrinWilson TrinWilson Feb 23, 2018
May I point not grammar errors and spelling errors if I find them as a helper? And not as an ass who just points them out for no reason, because I understand the struggle to write.
salvatorebarnes salvatorebarnes Feb 23, 2018
Dude, all of my favorite shows are in this trailer and I AM LIVING FOR IT 🙌
Sarah_1000 Sarah_1000 May 05, 2018
I read the selection series when I was like 10.... it was good. I don't know if I would reread it but it's definitely worth the read
- - Apr 05, 2018
OMG woman! This trailer is EPIC! I wanna read everything so bad, and the cast is amazing!
pixielittle39 pixielittle39 Jun 11, 2018
This trailer literally has me so excited I wish I could speed read!! Ps I know supernatural and vampire diaries what were the other shows you used?
dontknoworcare dontknoworcare Jun 06, 2018
This literally has all my favs.  No one watches white collar and I love you.  Plus reign?? All my unpopular shows that i have no one to fan girl with yes.  Also love the supernatural and Tvd (I already said this but, I THINK I MIGHT BE IN LOVE WITH YOU, AUTHOR)