Burning (Sequel to The Hunger Games: A New Girl On Fire)

Burning (Sequel to The Hunger Games: A New Girl On Fire)

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Zoë Alder By ZoeAlder Completed

Safety is an illusion. Fear is an illusion. And I'm starting to wonder if death is an illusion, too. 

My name is Clove Mellark. I'm sixteen years old and I won the Ninety-ninth Hunger Games. I'm seen throughout Panem as the Girl on Fire, having taken the title from my mom while in the arena. I paid a terrible price for winning. 

My ally that I had sworn to protect and keep alive is dead.  I'm a murderer. Flashbacks plague my mind every time I close my eyes. Nightmares take over my once peaceful sleep. There's only one person that can take it all away. 

Mom says it's like that for every victor. 

Mom has Dad.  Annie had Finnick. I have Finn. But who knew Finn and I's lives would change forever at the announcement of the fourth Quarter Quell? Will the Girl on Fire be extinguished, or will she keep burning?

ginny-potter05 ginny-potter05 Oct 23, 2017
Does anyone else watch Reba? This reminds me of the theme song.
xTurtleQueenx xTurtleQueenx Mar 17, 2016
Im a survivor im not gon give up im not gon starve im gon work harder im a survivor i will survive keep on surviving!!!
shuyi2202 shuyi2202 Feb 12, 2017
Clove mellark survived the hunger games
                              I survived monday
LisssaKJ LisssaKJ Feb 19, 2017
The way she killed fawn and sparkle is still shocking me. I mean, who can kill with her bare hands?! I'm glad she doesn't exist.