The Maggies

The Maggies

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Christine Bottas By Nyhterides Completed

Among the salt-licked tombstones and the blood-red roses, my mother's fragile sanity shatters and she is slowly driven to madness. My mother believes I, her only living child, is a ghost haunting her. But I am flesh and I not?

A bereft mother believes her only living child is a ghost haunting her. In the gloom and solitude of her tower, the mother is slowly driven to madness. 

Gothic Gloom top 10 finalist! Featured on @fright 's Gloom and Doom Gothic Tales.  2nd place winner in the category Short Story in the One Million Project Awards. Part of the Wattpad Bookshelves family. Featured in @StoriesUndiscovered and @WattpadShortStory .

Now a graphic novel!
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This is powerful. Loved it! Your style is so lovely and dark at the same time. My favorite part was of the little minnows. It painted such an eerie vision. Enchanting. Well done!

I'd be lying if I say this book did not take my breath away. The writing is just elegantly morose and each paragraphs are punctuated with a poetic feel. It's beauty is almost dizzying.

The Maggies is such a brilliant book that I went to the comment section to write something but I was so speechless after reading this that I couldn't find words. I haven't read such a good book for a long time! Thanks for writing this masterpiece. 

I read this and already kind of guessed what's happening but when I read the explanation. Oh. My. God. My heart died. And tears in my eyes. This is such a beautifully written short story that I can't fathom how such a story can hit your feels so hard. But this did. This is amazingly haunting and chilling and yet depressing and sad at the same time. I'm in love with everything about it. This is one of the most beautiful stories I've ever read.