Too Far to Reach (Kakashi Love Story)

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Rachel S. By MonkeyChronicles1010 Updated 3 years ago
    Tomiko Kobayashi was forced to leave her dead clan with a mysterious stone when a man named Yosuke Takeo invaded her land. He killed everyone but her. His goal was to retrieve the magical stone to use it for evil purposes. Tomiko, luckily, got out of the mass murder alive; and she beared the burden of protecting the stone at any cost, from her father's last dying breath. When she accidentally triggers whatever mystic jutsu the stone contained inside of it, she is somehow transformed into a mere child, 12 years old from her previous 23. Now, on the run and completely baffled, she stumbles into the Hidden Leaf Village, where she meets some interesting people, some more interesting than others...
This is a really good opening its hard to find books with good starts
Whoa, this is like one of the best opening paragraphs of a story ever. No joke.
This sounds amazing, but I should Go To Sleep so I can read and actually remember the details tomorrow... but I wanna keep on reading...
                                    You people can feel my pain, can't you?
Hiii. I Read Your Story, One Of The Best. Well, Actually The "Only Best" For Me. I Fell In Love So Easily With This Story. I Love You! You Made My Lonely Day Special. :)
@MonkeyChronicles1010 believe me, its NOT boring. Its well written and, in my opinion, very interesting. It made me want to read more. If it didn't, well, lets just say I wouldn't have been conmenting on your other chapters :)
@MonkeyChronicles1010 meh. Makes things easier on bakas like myself. So much less confusing! Seriously if I don't understand something I look too deeplt into it and get more confused. Blahh.