[Akatsuki x Reader] The Gifts One can Give

[Akatsuki x Reader] The Gifts One can Give

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Today is December 24; also known as Christmas Eve.

Feeling really tired, you yawned as you stretched your arms high in the air, as if following the instructions told by a teacher in yoga class.

Glancing at the calendar above your mini drawer next to your bed, your eyes widened in surprise and sudden panic.

One more day until Christmas, and you had not even started getting anyone a single gift.

Fumbling with the covers for a second, you hurriedly grabbed your cloak and clothes before running out the entrance without even fixing yourself up or breakfast.

You had to get everyone something, and you had only 24 hours to accomplish that.

- - Jul 06, 2017
Ok I have question what is wrong you people I mean there's nothing wrong with that, you guys are so immature. Author-Chan don't lessen to them. (Sorry if i didnt spell something correct my spelling sucks)
InsomniaDreams InsomniaDreams Apr 30, 2017
Not sure what a naked bust is, but the fact that he was naked made me think of draw Phil naked
CelestiasRise12 CelestiasRise12 Jun 24, 2016
She said a naked bust, brats! Author, no offense but that is fuckin' gross.
Blade-Of-Spirit Blade-Of-Spirit Aug 23, 2016
                              BABY WATCH ME UP AND GO *leaves*