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"MUST DATE THE PLAYBOY" BOOK 2. (It is a must to read the Must Date The Playboy first before this.)

After all the LOVE.

After all the LIES.

What would you do when your EX comes back?

What could be Victoria Peige's decision?

Let Zachary Anderson go? Or give him a second chance?

thelucayaqueen thelucayaqueen 4 days ago
when everyone ships james and tori but then forgets that he never told tori that he slept with chloe while Zach has been truthful
YashaMalik YashaMalik Oct 09
I luv u girl u have no idea how much i was crying when i was reading the last letter from Zach in MUST DATE THE PLAYBOY nd then when i read this story had a part 2 i was so happy that i wanted to hug u in the moment!!
libbypig97 libbypig97 a day ago
I love that book. I even read the second book. Its on the girl's pov. Love the books soo much.they are a must read
jollyvarshney jollyvarshney 3 days ago
Oh ! Will it b a kind of mask party? 
                              I think instead of finding james tori will go to zach where they will dance together unknowingly and then at the end it will be kinda suprise
BelleRoseS29 BelleRoseS29 3 days ago
nah nu uh no,life doesnt work like that,something is going to happen 😆
Anne21198 Anne21198 Sep 30
You didn't ask him what he wants and went ahead to tell him to date Chloe...and agreed to date his best friend!!!!!😨😨😨😨😨😨