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Shorty ❤ By notjustarandomgirl Completed

"MUST DATE THE PLAYBOY" BOOK 2. (It is a must to read the Must Date The Playboy first before this.)

After all the LOVE.

After all the LIES.

What would you do when your EX comes back?

What could be Victoria Peige's decision?

Let Zachary Anderson go? Or give him a second chance?

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Anything?? So there is a chance we readers can barge in this deym story and kill Chloe right? Since you said A N Y T H I N G 😏
I feel like I’m starting to think that Chloe aint that bad
tori5932 tori5932 Oct 18
Can someone help me find stories like 234 virgin or 234 lifelines the characters were amazing in those books trying to find a good ass story
it took me 5 months to think should i continue read this story or not but i reallyyy missed tori so bad. whatever here we go
This is when I finally realized that Zach is blond 😂😂😂😂
ItsToronto ItsToronto Nov 29
Guys please check out my new book. It’s called “Brain Dead”. 🖤