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Shorty ❤ By notjustarandomgirl Completed

"MUST DATE THE PLAYBOY" BOOK 2. (It is a must to read the Must Date The Playboy first before this.)

After all the LOVE.

After all the LIES.

What would you do when your EX comes back?

What could be Victoria Peige's decision?

Let Zachary Anderson go? Or give him a second chance?

  • alex
  • broken
  • chance
  • date
  • dobrev
  • friendship
  • hate
  • hurt
  • love
  • lovestory
  • nina
  • pettyfer
  • playboy
  • second
  • secondchances
  • uppereastside
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cancan0103 cancan0103 6 days ago
I love this concept🤣🤣 i should diff use this when “someone” pissed me off!!
Whaledamn Whaledamn 2 days ago
f r i e n d. you hear that james? friend. you just got friendzoned.
tori5932 tori5932 a day ago
Can someone help me find stories like 234 virgin or 234 lifelines the characters were amazing in those books trying to find a good ass story
MrsHerondale27 MrsHerondale27 6 days ago
Chloes a BITCH can't you realize this and her characters supposed to be smart smh
i'm soooooo sad JUST GET TOGETHEr !!!! i literallly cried this is probably one of the best stories on watt padd it's so good and please 😫victoria go after him lol haahah