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BDSM with my Brother?

BDSM with my Brother?

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a_random_writer By a_random_writer Completed

Into BDSM? So was I until my step-brother Kayden found out.... How would it be to have a Dom/Sub relationship with your step-brother. It started off with one small innocent deal. Where will it end?

-Koteuni- -Koteuni- May 09, 2016
Wow. That kinda came out of nowhere. Who said he would do BDSM with you? Lol.
Mom: let me use your phone for a min
                              Me: one sec *deletes data changes to different family friendly page*
                              Mom: what you tryin to hide ?
                              Me: I never hide stuff from you mom your so paranoid. 😅
Marian_Styles27 Marian_Styles27 Dec 20, 2016
I tried watching porn once didn't like it I decided to stick to reading it's much better 😏
i hate watching pornographer as well. I'll father read than look at people have sex. and btw, I am probably the youngest person reading this right now
Trouble_FearMe Trouble_FearMe Dec 19, 2016
There's like my own little world here where every comment I read is like my life. I love wattpad, I thought I was the only one. It's so... more detailed
ava-lo ava-lo Dec 29, 2016
My mom would never do that. She'd make me finish the dishes then go talk to him. But then again... my brother would never want me in his room and he hates talking to me so like that would ever happen.