Sun, Dates, And Paper Plates ✔️

Sun, Dates, And Paper Plates ✔️

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Eighteen year old Charmeine was looking forward to spending her summer break at home, reading her beloved romance novels. It was the last 'real' holiday she'd have before being shipped off to college and she planned to use it to its fullest laziness potential. 

Charmeine's plans get roughly disrupted, however, when her mother suddenly decided it was unhealthy for a young woman to sit inside all the time. Before she knew it Charmeine was on a plane with her sister, Joyce, and flying to the Spanish coast for a dream vacation in their family's apartment. 

Dream vacation for anyone who wasn't Charmeine, that was. 

Nightlife holidays were for beautiful people with an outgoing personality like Joyce and her friends. Not for Charmeine. 

She certainly didn't expect to find a summer romance like her sister- until the handsome and popular bartender Ty came along and took an interest in her. 

Charmeine's summer was finally starting to look up. Or was it all too good to be true? 

One thing's for sure: real life wasn't like the romance novels, and it loved to throw the most unexpected plot twists in your face.

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