Belong to him

Belong to him

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"No Please!" My mother screams.

"we will give you what ever you want just Please! don't kill them"

I stood there listening to what was happening, my parents and sister didn't acknowledge me, i was behind them.

The tall muscular guy smirks, gazing at me, from head to toe.
"I want that daughter of yours to belong to me!"

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If you mean 'that person was wearing black "suit " then it's "tuxedo"
My best friend is Muslim and she always tells me that 😂 I love her
Kitamix Kitamix Nov 12
Keep reading and eventually you will find out whats happening
abi_uri2002 abi_uri2002 a day ago
You know it's Nick Bateman not Nicky Bateman. By saying Nicky you mean a girl and it's a guy you are talking about. Don't take it like  a mean comment but yea.
kayineeRoyH kayineeRoyH Jul 29
Aww.. moved a ❤️ string. You are the wealthiest person alive if you're content with what you have!
I'm being serious why didn't he just go and pay someone to do "it" with him