The Lores of Lyra - Rising Star [Book I]

The Lores of Lyra - Rising Star [Book I]

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Maja Diana By MajaDiana Completed

[Watty Winner 2012, Fantasy / Teen Fic / Adventure / Romance] 

Stars. For millennia, humans have stared up at the sky watching them light up the night. Unknown to most, they've been watching back, protecting us and keeping us safe from dangers. However, in the land of Astron, two girls are struggling to keep themselves alive.

Miriam has a dark secret, living a secluded life with all the benefits that wealth provides. While Annabell is a poor orphan with a natural born gift of getting into trouble.

With the help of two handsome lads, they have to uncover the truth about the prophecy that the Elders have worked so hard to hide. They need to find each other before it’s too late. Change is coming, and Darkness is growing.

In a race against time, they have to find the Rising Star before it's too late.

Solem, help us all.

[This is the first book in 'The Lores of Lyra]

BigKittyLover BigKittyLover Mar 11, 2016
This was a very gripping way to start a story. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am moving quickly onto the rest.😊
Katniss929 Katniss929 Jul 08, 2016
Is the other girl u talk about in the blurb being. Beaten up by some and the wounds go to her
EllenKeating EllenKeating Apr 02, 2016
Yes! I love it when writers use multiple POV's, you get a much broader veiw of the story
weeksjmj29 weeksjmj29 Feb 05, 2016
I must admit. This chapter was very hard to read because the pain. But it's interesting. Very interesting. Looking forward towards the next chapter.
Mhyatt95 Mhyatt95 May 09, 2016
It's kinda dull in the beginning with an enjoyable build up.
trashcan_inc trashcan_inc Nov 06, 2015
This was absolutely amazing. It's kind of sad because one of my classmates is named Miriam and seeing her like this would absolutely kill me.