It's a BoyxBoy Thing [Naughty one-shots]

It's a BoyxBoy Thing [Naughty one-shots]

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Cristina (Cris) By MissCris Updated Jun 23, 2012

Are you looking for a book with a little smoking action between the sheets?

Need something HOT and SEXY to read?

Are you just curious? I mean who isn't???

Than this is the perfect book for you! 

A collection of naughty, toe curling one-shots that will leave you breathless!

Do you dare to read something that's a boyxboy thing?

  • boyxboy
  • lgbt
  • naughty
  • one
  • romance
  • short
  • shot
  • slash
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Run_Me_My_Money Run_Me_My_Money Aug 13, 2017
Aye what we not gon do is disrespect chicken like that it's the best thing ever
kpopfanfictionBxB kpopfanfictionBxB Jul 15, 2017
okay now i'm going to try this when i'll see my crush next time
IShippItHard IShippItHard Jul 21, 2017
                              SO COME ON AND PUT YOUR LIPS ON MINE
                              AND SHUT ME UP
                              STAY COOL ITS JUST A KISS SO WHY
                              YOU BE SO TALKATIVE
_InvisibleWriter_ _InvisibleWriter_ Nov 04, 2017
That moment of silence she had before she started yelling though. 😂
This is making me realize how hot Logan Paul could actually be if he wouldn't be retarded
DeathByCupcake0423 DeathByCupcake0423 Nov 25, 2017
*my excuse* well u see the fish became possessed by a wretched foul beast and started going crazy so I had to take it out of the sink and throw it on the ground to get of the thing! It was a nightmare! *nailed it*