The Badgirl's Daughter

The Badgirl's Daughter

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*Sequel to The Badgirl's Story* (You don't need to read the first one to read this. But you really should so it makes a little more sense).

*I will write a better summary*

Amber Simmons, the Badgirl's daughter. Noted as the top badgirl and player of her school. The one who takes on any dare. The one who isn't scared to do anything. 
Jessica Collins, Amber's all around best friend since life. They grew up together, did everything together, started getting into trouble together since the moment they could walk. 
Zackery Andrews. Both the girl's best guy friend. Has been there since third grade. Always getting into trouble along with the girls. The bad-boy of the school, and definitely one of the hottest.

So what happens when they all push things a little too far?? Getting older comes with lots more tricks, pranks, parties, and most of all: Trouble

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AdeleWolff7 AdeleWolff7 a day ago
lost_nirvana lost_nirvana Apr 22, 2016
Is it just me or does every book I read have Nina Dobrev in the cast
Aleka_21 Aleka_21 Dec 19, 2015
She has cool as mother like daughter dont you think
                              (p.s i like the original Max Natasha Poly better)
jadeca jadeca Apr 20, 2015
I love this story, the friends seem like they have a really good friendship. What's the deal though? Why do they hate Mr. Larson so much?
xXJade1699xX xXJade1699xX Jan 08, 2014
Loved it Nikki XD! At last we get Amber's mother and father doing pretty good! Keep it up girl. I can't wait til the next part.
xXJade1699xX xXJade1699xX Dec 29, 2013
Nikki so far I really love the story. The prank was so funny:) I can imagine it in my head. Can't wait to read more:)