My best friend raped me (BoyxBoy)

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Jackie By you_me_at_six_999 Updated 2 years ago
When he had to choose, between seeing his friend die or doing a dispicable thing, he chose the despicable thing, but how did it end up like this. Joakim knew it was the last time he probably would ever speak to him after this...
    NOW FINISHED 2013-06-19
@Tttiiieeerrraaa  if its boring to you then don't read it. Simple
Shouldn't for each conversation starter
                                    "They should be separately spaced."
Your story confuses me.. I'm so lost right now plus it doesn't make any sense at all
my uncle is gay so i completely understand this book, AND I LOVE IT!!!
This is good..... I'm not a gay but the storyline is good....