satans princess

satans princess

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50-shadesofharry By 50-shadesofharry Updated Jan 13, 2014

Carley is your normal teenage girl right? wrong.

in a world filled with humans and werewolves carly stands alone at being the devils daughter.

sent to earth as a punishment for her rebelliousness even satan couldnt handle. carly finds herself in major trouble when the words 'mate' fill her ears.


    NeonyWolf NeonyWolf May 27
    First of all I wonder why she's evil 
                                  and seriously the devil can't Handel a lil joke what sissy
    MarshmallowfellowBoi MarshmallowfellowBoi Mar 20, 2016
    *Whines* "But daddy, I wanna stay in hēłł!" *Gives puppy dog eyes* Please!"
    chubbywitz chubbywitz Jul 29, 2016
    Yep .....Satan is definitely sick.....he isn't acting like he normally should 😂