Rejection Hurts

Rejection Hurts

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Lucy Hale, your typical omega. Shy, nerdy, loner and anything her pack would like to punch and boss around. Her life was turned upside down after an incident with the rogues and her parents. Just after the death of her parents, her brother, Derrick Hale turned a blind eye on her. Blinded by rage of the death of their parents, he was so consumed by his rage that he brought it on his sister. Lucy wanted to escape, but there was one thing that she was waiting for, meeting her mate.

But Fate was cruel and made Vincent Marsh, her mate. Pack Alpha of of her pack, the womanizer, the tormentor. So Lucy had enough, she packed her bag and left the pack territory. And she promised her self one thing.


  • alpha
  • forgiveness
  • love
  • mate
  • pack
  • rejected
  • rogues
  • secondchance
emmagarza9 emmagarza9 Dec 31, 2017
Isn't she a bitch also she's a female wolf and wolves are in the dog family
DeDerpyWolf DeDerpyWolf May 22, 2017
Umm you talking to itself cause I'm pretty sure für i touched what u were making i would throw up! IN YO FAKE ASS FACE!!!
YouAintHaveJams YouAintHaveJams Feb 25, 2016
Lol my cousin who has an undefined(?) gender's name is Derrick.
keep_calm_and_shutup keep_calm_and_shutup Dec 11, 2015
Please please. Don't report cuz I'm not trying to be mean but why does it always have to be in attic as a room
swaggieyeoja swaggieyeoja Dec 06, 2015
I pity you girl...when I was a little nursery kid I was always been bullied.But now I stand by myself without the help of my parents and older brothers.
0laziness1 0laziness1 Sep 17, 2014
thank. you for the good comments and I hope I cando more stories