Aaron [Completed]

Aaron [Completed]

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Aaron is handsome, rich, quiet and everything you'd want in a bad boy but one thing he hasn't done in a very long time is cry because Grown Men Don't Cry. That's until he falls in love with a purple cake eater. She's adventurous, she's wild, she's fire. 

"I've something to say!" Sky stood, she walked to the center of the coffee shop and I knew this was going to be one of her moments when she said whatever was on her mind without thinking of who she hurt in the process but when she parted her lips to speak, I was utterly surprised, "a real man is strong, sweet, faithful, powerful, charming. It doesn't matter if he's poor or rich but do you also know what a real man is?" She paused and looked at me, at that time she had the attention of everyone in the restaurant.

"A real man is a man who shows emotion, who laughs at jokes and one who cries when it gets overwhelming. You can not teach your kids that Grown Men Don't Cry because they do. Teaching them not to cry makes them bitter. Crying doesn't make you less of a man, it makes you human so go ahead and cry when you want to because it's okay to get scared, it's okay. It's really okay," tears trailing down her cheeks then I exhaled.

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raiha_f raiha_f Sep 30
I love the way you describe the characters!♥️👏🏼👏🏼
raiha_f raiha_f Sep 30
Bruh... did u just PULL THEM OUT OF HIS EARS?!
                              21 pilots is bae |-/