Playful Heart [boyxboy]

Playful Heart [boyxboy]

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Nikolai doesn't want to be Alpha. In fact, he could care less about any of it. All Nikolai wants to do, is venture the world and explore. That'll never happen though because his dad is all but forcing the powerful title of Alpha down Nikolai's throat. So, on the night of his eighteenth birthday, he leaves the safety of his pack and takes the earliest flight to Greece and there, is when he sees a man who changes his life, for better or for worse.

Lysander D'Amico lives in Italy with his overbearing aunt and uncle. After his parents died when he was eleven, they took him in and promised him a bright future. That, however, was not how Lysander ended up. His aunt and uncle wanted him to be a Doctor, so Lysander went out and covered himself in tattoos. They wanted him to go to America and go to Harvard, so Lysander purposefully made sure his grades wouldn't even get him into a community college. Fed up with his rebellious antics, Lysander is sent to Greece to live with their son, and there, is when he meets the boy that will question everything he knows.

Throw in an annoying, but loyal best friend; a pushy cousin and some very angry parental units and you'll be in for one hell of a ride.


Cover photo by Rouven (Instagram: itsrouven)

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NozomuLove12 NozomuLove12 12 hours ago
                              They are pronounced the same, but are different in spelling
LoLoBum LoLoBum Dec 29, 2017
oh shut up u did the same.
                              i read the books from the fourth😂💔
BryjessJimenez BryjessJimenez Oct 26, 2016
Is this inspired by 'Desire Series' bec. the names of the characters are somewhat  similar to the stories..?
CreamyPie888 CreamyPie888 Sep 11, 2016
Totally agree with Nate they freaky and not the good kind of freaky
nerdyflute24 nerdyflute24 Oct 26, 2016
I feel like this is one of those episodes of supernatural now tbh
shattered_redsoul shattered_redsoul Sep 27, 2016
Wait what... Theb what's the point of the blood tests? If they can copy DNA.... 0.o