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The Guillotine Survivor

The Guillotine Survivor

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Morningstars By Morningstars Updated Oct 14, 2013

Marie Lisle use to have it all.  Her life was all planned out for her.  Born as a French noble, Marie could have anything her heart desired.  After her parents planned a profitable engagement to her cousin Pierre, Marie's future began to look brighter by the second.  However, Marie hated it that her life was planned out for her and yearned to be free.  Unfortunately, her wish came true in the worst way imaginable.
	As the French Revolution rolled in, peasants began to rise up in protest against nobles.  Marie and her family were thrown into jail, and for a noble there was no way out except through the guillotine.  Francois, a friend of Marie's helps to save her from the guillotine, but as peasants stream into the jails to slaughter all of the inmates, she is mistaken for a prisoner.  Only the mercy of a peasant boy, Jacques saves her from being beheaded, but not before Marie witnesses her parents being slaughtered before her eyes.  Snuck out of the prison, Jacques brings Marie to his home where she must live as a peasant.
	As Marie's eyes are opened to the world around her, she develops new and strange feelings, especially towards the boy who saved her life.  However, how can she truly begin to love him when she is hiding the biggest secret of all?  Yet, if she reveals her secret the only possible ending is death.  One thing's for sure, it's no easy task being a guillotine survivor.

CharmSpirit CharmSpirit May 25, 2013
Love the story!
                              I'm very interested in the French revolution since i first learnt about it. I found a nice video about the French revolution in Youtube-
Jennifer_Celeste Jennifer_Celeste Sep 29, 2012
This is amazing! I love love love historical fiction! Especially the Holocaust, the French Revolution and the Civil War. This is amazing, you are a great writer!
zymon_fraiser zymon_fraiser Sep 28, 2012
So awesome and epic! >:D< I love the French Revolution, especially the history of King Louis' family :) Brilliant! Good job XD
asiangirl13 asiangirl13 Jul 29, 2012
The starts is very interesting. You really know how to start a story!
Harlum_X Harlum_X Jul 24, 2012
I love how you started off this because it really draws in the reader! Great work and i love you kept the prologue on the shorter side instead of making it pages long!
Morningstars Morningstars Feb 16, 2011
Thanks!! I'm really glad you like it! :) I haven't been on Wattpad long, so it's nice hearing you say that :)